Explore our introduction to get the most out of Myvocal


This guide will help you get started with Myvocal.

Signing up & start

You can register your account in two ways: email login or joint login.

It is important to note that you can create two separate accounts with the same email (for example, a Gmail address) through different login methods, there will be two accounts.

After registering your account, we offer you two applications of voice cloning technology: generating TTS or song covers.

You can directly use premade voice models we provide to experience any features.

Alternatively, you can record or upload audio you want to use on the “voice clone” page and submit it for training, in order to use that voice to experience the aforementioned features.


We offer various subscription plans including Free, Standard, Popular, Pro, and Business; the default plan upon registration is Free.

Different plans vary in terms of custom voice quota, the number of characters per month, character consumption for each feature, the unit price for purchasing additional characters, as well as entitlements to other value-added features.

If you require API services, you need to subscribe to at least the Pro plan and then copy your API-Key on Account Info page.

After subscribing, you can click “Manage Subscription” at any time to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan.


Custom voice quota refers to the number of custom voices you can have at the same time. Upgrading your subscription plan will increase this limit. Although there is a ceiling on the number of custom voices, as long as you have a sufficient number of characters, you can always delete an unsatisfactory voice and clone another voice;

Conversely, if you downgrade or unsubscribe to become a free user, and the number of custom voices exceeds the current limit of your entitlements, you will also need to choose which custom voices to keep. If you do not make a selection within 72 hours, we will retain the most recently operated custom voice and delete the others.

Monthly characters refer to the maximum number of characters you can use each month. This entitlement resets at the start of each subscription cycle, meaning it cannot be carried over to the next month. However, any additional characters you purchase will remain effective permanently as long as you maintain a paid status.

All operations on the website use characters as the billing unit. When you initiate voice cloning training, generate TTS, or create an AI Cover, characters will be deducted; the specific amounts deducted can be found on the Pricing page. However, if your training or generation fails, or if it is simply to improve the current custom voice’s effect, no characters will be deducted.

It should be noted that since the voices created via the API are trained only for one of either TTS or AI Cover, the number of characters deducted for each training is half of the character consumption displayed on the pricing page.